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Listed: Fri, 09 Feb

Nelson / Tasman area land to rent by mid April


Looking For:

Power connection No
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking Yes
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly No
Smokers No
WiFI Connection No
Private Location Yes

Listing Details

Hello land owners in the Nelson/Tasman community, this is a message for the amazing locals that may be able to help us? My husband and I are looking for a piece of land to rent for 1-2 years, for our tiny home and our little dachshund Baxter. We have a tiny house that requires a garden tap drinking quality water connection and soak hole for the grey water. We have solar panels so do not need power, we have generator as backup for winter but do require a spot that gets maximum sunlight all year round, not under trees. We also have a 20ft shipping container and a small trailer and garden shed. Our toilet is a composting one. We are looking if possible for a flat preexisting pad that has easy vehicle access to drive the tiny house and deliver the shipping container too that we will use beside the tiny house for daily use. Making it simple and quick to move onto. As we are going through fertility and planning a home birth, we are looking for a private area away from others, spray chemicals, powerlines over head or next to main roads. We would like to be able to build a pallet fence around the pad, if needed, to keep Baxter close to the house and have our little veggie garden, our plants are all in bags. We are looking for land anywhere from Richmond to Lower Moutere and the surrounding areas. We need to find somewhere to be moved in by 16th April 2024. Please if anyone has any offers or options to contact us. Drinking water and road access to a flat site that is private is what we need by middle of April. Thank you, Kind regards Keely & Andy Harpcliffe & Baxter

Keely Harpcliffe

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