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Listed: Thu, 09 Sep

Cant wait!!

Kapiti Coast, Wellington

Looking For:

Power connection No
Water connection No
Off-street Parking No
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly No
Smokers No
WiFI Connection No
Private Location No

Listing Details

Hi there, weeellll... Im just bursting to get my tiny home underway... this probably wont be until later in 2022 but Im just looking to see whats available out there. So its just me ( a professional working mum of 2 grown lovely young men ), my cute wee dag Lola, 2 cats ( at this stage.. getting on a bit! ), and a couple of chooks. I love kapiti so am looking to be somewhere like TeHoro... would consider up the line a little bit. Also down the line a llittle bit as long as its peaceful Im intending to be fully off grid though wouldnt say no to power in the initial setting up stage. Also keen to do the whole living off the land thing with organic vege growing etc,. My big requirement is SUN as currently I dont get a lot of this. My plan is to have one of the premade THOW plus need potential space to add a smaller one for family. Im happy to perhaps consider sharing a plot - if its big enough - with others?? I guess its a risk and would need agreements etc but could work. Happy to hear from anyone who is keen or thinks they may have land to lease in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read :)


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