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Listed: Mon 20 Dec 2021

Longterm Off-Grid Park-Up in Coromandel Paradise

Whenuakite, Waikato

$175 per week

Available Fri, 04 Feb 2022

Site Foundation

Grass and dirt

Driveway Foundation

Grass, dirt, gravel driveway

Water connection? Yes

Power connection? No

Off-street Parking? Yes

Pets? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Smokers? No

WiFI Connection? No

Private Location? Yes


Are you looking for a peaceful place to live during this increasingly crazy time on earth? Do you seek to live in a special spot to connect with nature, plant a garden and create your best life? Would you like to wake each day to a beautiful view? We have an amazing opportunity for long term park ups in the heart of the Coromandel’s beautiful east coast. Our 20 acre farm is a project in nature regeneration and symbiotic living. The area brings amazing birdsong with direct access to the Whenuakite River for swimming and water play. Over time, through planning and planting, we aim to transform this former agricultural farm into a natural oasis and food forest. Want to be part of that? This special spot offers so much more than a typical POP where many live in a parking lot with others directly next to them. Each area for living offers private outdoor space for you to use to create your ideal living situation. Together we can create a space for intential living in harmony with nature. Suitable housebus, caravan or tiny house will be full solar and self-contained as no electrical runs to the sites. There is easy access to water, a community garden and chook house, shower and compost loo. $175+ per week (depending on situation) plus each adult is asked to provide 4 hours work on the land each month. If this is of interest, we look forward to hearing from you. #offgrid #offgridliving #coromandel #landshare #symbioticliving #coromandel



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