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Listed: Tue 15 Mar 2022

Peace amongst the animals (1 acre)- work exchanged instead of rent possible

Waimamaku, Northland

$50 per week

Available Now

Site Foundation


Driveway Foundation



Parking at the house site is completely possible.

Water connection? Yes

Power connection? No

Off-street Parking? Yes

Pets? Yes

Child Friendly? No

Smokers? No

WiFI Connection? No

Private Location? Yes


Females that live a fairly plant-based lifestyle are strongly preferred. Sherock Animal Sanctuary has a vacant tiny home space, high in the hills of South Hokianga. We have a 80acre piece of paradise that we are trying to establish fencing for the animals and reforest on. Approximately 1/5th is either forested, streams or wetland. The house site is basically hidden from all houses, in a little hollow that protects privacy but still keeps magnificent views. There is water to the site, a few bars of reception but no power. The previous tiny home has some flax, manuka and ferns growing that we have protected from the animals. We currently have 16 cows, 2 sheep, 11 chickens and 2 ducks that have been rescued from various fates. There are three other tiny homes on-site and one main house, where the owner lives. Of these only one tiny home is close (about 50m above this spot). The drive is fine for all cars in the summer but only 4WD in winter. The area is deemed a place of significance as we have many special species here, including kiwi, the giant kauri snail, kokako nearby etc. Therefore it is important to us that no pets that could harm these animals or our own, come on to the land. That means, no cats that can roam outside or dogs that might hunt. We are always in need of help with fencing and would prefer someone that is keen to help, regardless of skills, in exchange for rent. Skills can be taught. We would expect approximately 3 hours per week of work if unskilled in the areas we need, or 2 hours if skilled. This could be reviewed as skills were learned. Money is also fine if this is not possible sometimes. And could easily be built up to go away or whatever. Very flexible. We are all plant-based females, with sustainability part of our ethos. Some of us have trauma from males and so it is not the right space for males to be, therefore, we prefer females. There is a young family in one tiny home, but that is on the road, very separate from the rest of the property. IT is a stunning area, with a fantastically supportive community, great walks, and only 30mins to the beach. Please note the area has high rainfall (though volcanic rocks everywhere mean it drains well), high wind and being at approximately 400m above the sea, we get frosts and are colder than the rest of the north. We are also 13.5kms down a metal road. For us, this is perfect. For the right person, we have a nursery full of locally sourced plants they can make their dream home with. Get in contact today


Emily Rushton

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