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Listed: Mon, 13 Mar

the South Paddock

Coromandel, Waikato

$23 per week

Available Now

Site Foundation


Driveway Foundation

there is a gravel drive onto the site from Rings Rd


plenty of room to park on the grass

Water connection? Yes

Power connection? No

Off-street Parking? Yes

Pets? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Smokers? No

WiFI Connection? No

Private Location? Yes


we have 5 acres of farm land 5 k north of Coromandel town. I am a retired medical herbalist growing medicinal plants and making medicines: tinctures, herbal extracts, infused oils and comfrey cream. There's 1 goat, 20 chickens and Tosca the dog. The South Paddock (3/4 acre) has fruit and nut trees, walnut , almond, feejoa, olive and plum trees. Whereas a lot of Coromandel has clay soils, this lot has good garden soil. The paddock is beside Rings Rd but quite private, with Kahikatea trees framing the view to the west. There's water but no power, and 2 small sheds for storing gear. There are 3 requirements: 1. pay $100/month for rates and water 2. work 5 hours per week for Naomi on the farm. 3. take care of the South paddock: lawn-mow, weed-eat, keep free of privet and kahili ginger. We are part of the vaccine-free community in Coromandel.


Naomi Pond

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