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Listed: Fri 07 May 2021

site for house, caravan, holiday orchard

Wellsford, Rodney, Auckland, Auckland

$280 per week

Available Now

Site Foundation


Driveway Foundation




Water connection? Yes

Power connection? No

Off-street Parking? Yes

Pets? No

Child Friendly? Yes

Smokers? No

WiFI Connection? No

Private Location? Yes


It is a 40 ha land in Wellsford. Currently many thousands fruit trees of many different species and cultivars and other Ornamental beautiful trees and herbs have been planted. Most fruit species can be found here, some of them are rare in New Zealand. Most area has deep (around 40-60cm) top soil which is good for plants. Sites available for putting a house (can be fixed to ground, portable mini house or cabin, caravan... conditions apply) or other storage rooms in piece of land up to 1 acre, $280pw. (We lease piece of land up to 1 acre for $280 per week, you build or put a tiny house or storage room in piece of land up to 1 acre), good for a mini organic holiday farm / holiday orchard, grow vegs with few chicken / sheep… The sites got many small pine trees and other bushes, they provide good windbreak and privacy, some of them need to be cleared when a clear site needed for caravan. Any question / requirement please send an email. Visitors need owner's permit first to come in.



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