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Listed: Sun, 03 Oct

New Tiny House Village at The Farm, Northland

Whangaruru, Northland

$150 per week

Available Mon, 25 Oct 2021

Site Foundation

Various options and happy to discuss your needs

Driveway Foundation

Happy to discuss your needs


Happy to discuss your needs

Water connection? Yes

Power connection? Yes

Off-street Parking? Yes

Pets? Yes

Child Friendly? Yes

Smokers? Yes

WiFI Connection? Yes

Private Location? Yes


Over the years The Farm has been a place that many people have called home for some part of their lives. Opening our farm to friends, whānau, guests, wwoofers, and volunteers, has resulted in the unintentional community and lifestyle that is “The Farm”, today. We are thinking that the time is right to look into expanding our world and growing our home into a village. We are blessed with a special way of life that creates a sense of community and belonging. Chaotic and busy at times, it’s not for everyone, but it is paradise for some! So what are we offering you? Well, a place for you to call home, even if just for a while. Whether you want to bring your home to us (tiny homes/buses/caravans), or you are hoping to rent or build a home here - we would love to hear from you. We are looking for long term residents who are keen to bring their skills and talents to enhance our existing community. At this stage, we would welcome a few new residents, but we would like to end up with around 150 people residing here. We imagine some working on site, or online, some working locally, some with their own micro businesses, or micro business aspirations, and some just enjoying a slower way of life outside the city. The Farm is 1000 acres of native bush and farmland, stretching from Russell Forest to Whangaruru Harbour in the Bay of Islands. The Te Araroa trail goes right past our gate. Situated between Russell Township (40mins) and Whāngarei (1hr) we are part of a great local community and have a good school just down the road. To achieve our long term vision, we will need to plan changes and upgrade our facilities. We want to hear from you - what you require to come and live at The Farm, and what you would like to see happen in the community? On site we currently offer: - Campgrounds and cabins. - Yoga facilities (yoga shala) & yoga classes. - The Farm Eco-Shop & Cafe. - Two communal kitchens. Our on site chefs serve predominantly plant based and locally sourced food to our 30-odd residents and volunteers at $10 a meal. - Diggers, tractors, machinery and workshops for projects around The Farm. - An equestrian business that provides, retreats, lessons, clinics, coaching and treks, plus grazing or agistment for your own horses. - Kayaking, dirt biking, and mountain bike trails. - Venues for events including music festivals, parties, weddings, and school camps. - Dairy cows for fresh milk daily, as well as laying hens. - Space for your dog to frolic and socialize. - Nearby spots for fishing, hunting, surfing and sailing. If you are interested in joining us on this next step of the journey get in touch to discuss:


Tiny Houses at The Farm

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