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Listed: Thu, 22 Sep

FINALLY, able to purchase my first home! Just need land... for me & my cat

Te Puna, Whakamarama, Bay of Plenty

Looking For:

Power connection Yes
Water connection Yes
Off-street Parking Yes
Pet Friendly Yes
Child Friendly No
Smokers No
WiFI Connection Yes
Private Location Yes

Listing Details

What a market we're up against! I'm finally in a position at 50 to buy a tiny home for my cat and I to live happily ever after in. I'm currently still in process of having our tiny home planned. I need to secure land before giving builders go ahead to build (looking at a 12.5 X 3.6m home, because featured image is required, I have placed the picture from the company's website). Rural is most preferable, however we'd be quite happy to settle in suburbia as long as the street is quiet, away from any main roads, good neighbours and private from the main dwelling (accepting of a cat). Would love to be able to grow some veggies and cultivate a wee garden. If rural, I would definitely consider living in a like minded community. WiFi and off-street parking aren't essential but would be nice.

Lara Van Dyk

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